Description of Parent Executive Board Positions

(Last Updated August 2018)

Elections for open positions occur at our May AGM for the following school year. Consider joining our board! It's a fun way to get to know other Playschool families and influence your child's development first-hand. If you are interested, please send us an email.


Chair (non-voting)

  • Coordinates all areas of the Playschool’s operational activities, within the parameters set out by the Community Association. 
  • Assists the Board and staff in understanding and carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Is responsible for the Playschool staff’s contracts, as well as contracts of board-approved hired consultants, rental agreements and various contracts with outside agencies.
  • Arranges and chairs all Executive Board and Annual General Meetings.
  • Handles any issues/problems that arise in consultation with the teachers and other board members.
  • Is involved in the hiring of staff with the assistance of a hiring committee.
  • In consultation with the Board members, approves the yearly budget as proposed by the treasurer.



  • Conducts executive meetings in the Chair’s absence. 
  • Is responsible for ensuring operating licenses are current and followed by staff and volunteers.
  • Organizes and conducts inventory and clean up with executive parent volunteers and staff at year-end.
  • Assists the Chair with evaluation of current staff and selection of new staff.
  • Assists the Chair as necessary.
  • Manages the hiring of and contracts for the cleaning needs of the Playschool



  • Records and distributes the minutes of executive meetings, and Annual General Meetings.
  • Maintains meeting minutes’ book for annual audit containing all correspondence, staff and executive privacy oath, monthly agendas, minutes, budget updates, class lists, as well as other information as required.
  • Holds an updated version of the Community Association By-Laws, HHBHCA Playschool Policy and Procedure Manual and Parent Handbook.  Prepares documents for modification and updates when necessary. 



  • Advise and report financial operations to the Executive.
  • Track Playschool finances
  • Responsible for payment/reimbursement of Playschool expenses and completion of bank deposits, under the direction of Chair and/or Vice-Chair
  • Issue teachers’ salaries and families tax receipts in conjunction with Community Association Treasurer/Bookkeeper
  • Prepare the annual budget.
  • Prepare and support the annual audit of financial records.
  • Liaise with bookkeeper & Community Association Treasurer to share role where appropriate.



  • Establishes registration procedures in conjunction with executive members.
  • Organizes spring registration, as well as ongoing registration throughout the year.
  • Accept notices of withdrawal or cancellations and manages appropriately.
  • Ensures registration information is complete for licensing purposes and provides updated class lists to teachers and the Secretary.


Assistant Registrar 

  • Compiles registration packages prior to Playschool commencement (end of August/beginning of September) with all required information required by licensing.
  • Ensures all families have verified their registration information in September and January (as indicated by licensing).
  • Assists registrar as required (e.g. responding to parent inquiries, liaising between Community Association Executive Director and Registrar as needed).


Class Liaison/Privacy Officer

  • Responsible for primary communication with classes. 
  • Prepares Sign-Up Genius for parent special helper sign up, ensuring each family has signed up appropriately. 
  • Responsible for distributing helper calendar to the classroom staff. 
  • Coordinates and monitors police clearances.
  • Liaise with Communications and Marketing Coordinator to post event information as necessary.


Communications & Marketing Coordinator

  • Manages the Playschool’s website, and social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
  • Liaise with Class Liaison to post Playschool event information on website and social media sites.
  • Disseminates information from teachers and parent executive board to Parents and other stakeholders through Playschool website and social media accounts as needed.
  • Responsible for coordinating advertising campaigns throughout the year (primarily online).
  • Responsible for determining most effective advertising venues in collaboration with executive members.
  • Supports the creation of, sends out to parents and compiles mid-year and year-end Parent Survey with guidance from executive members.
  • Plans and organizes documents and support for the annual Open House


Non-Executive Committees Coordinator (must be a returning parent)

  • Organizes Non-Executive Committee member sign-up via Sign-Up Genius.
  • Liaise between teachers and non-executive committee members to ensure smooth operation.
  • Is an ex-officio member of all non-executive committees.
  • Distributes non-executive job descriptions to parents and coordinates yearly updates.


Community Association Education Director (MUST LIVE IN-BOUNDS)

  • Liaison between HHBHCA Playschool and HHBH Community Association.
  • Presents Playschool report at HHBH Community Association Executive Board Meetings (2nd Thursday/month).
  • Reports any relevant Community Association news at the HHBHCA Playschool Executive Board Meeting
  • Liaises with Community Association to support Playschool operations/support – e.g. booking Community Association space for Playschool events, liaising with Communications Director of Community Association regarding advertising needs in the Community Newsletter


Past Executive Board Member (optional, non-voting)

  • Offers assistance to executive members as necessary.