Caring For Kids
Information for parents from Canada’s pediatricians

Healthy Parents Healthy Children
Practical guide from birth to 5 years of age.

Immunization Guide from Health Canada
A parent’s guide to vaccinations
Immunization resources in Canada


The Inspired Treehouse 
Occupational therapists and physical therapists for kids post about promoting development in early childhood.  Content includes guidance on developmental milestones, activity suggestions, sensory processing, tips and tricks of the trade.

Not Just Cute 
This blog contains activities and articles created for parents and teachers of preschool children with the development of the whole child in mind.  Activities may be “cute”, but they will also come with specific developmental objectives and other explanations of why they benefit more than just your child’s aesthetics.

Encyclopedia on Early Child Development


Positive Parenting Solutions
The leader in online training for parents of toddlers to teens

Community Education Service
The Community Education Service (CES) provides parents/caregivers and other community members with opportunities to access free, evidence-informed education sessions and resource materials to address child, youth, and family health and mental health needs.

Families Matter
Parenting organization offering wonderful programs including “Positive Time Ins” and “Terrific Toddlers”. 

Making Memories

Family Fun Calgary
Resources of events and activities in and around Calgary for families