Request for Education Director

Our Playschool is affiliated with the Hounsfield Heights - Briar Hill Community Association.   As such, one of the volunteer roles for the Playschool Executive is to have a representative sit on both the Playschool and the Community Association board meetings to relay information.   This role entails attending both board meetings (Playschool - 1st Wednesday of each month, Community Association - 2nd Thursday of each month), presenting pertinent information and motioning requests on behalf of the Playschool at the Community Association meetings

In order to be a member on the Community Association board, you need to live in Briar Hill or Hounsfield Heights. Unfortunately, the current parent who has volunteered for this position does not meet this criteria.   

If you live in Briar Hill or Hounsfield Heights and could fill this volunteer position or have questions regarding this position, please contact Lyndsey Bristow by Tuesday, October 17th.  

The position runs from November 2017-November 2018.