Description of Non-Executive Positions

(Last Updated August 2018)

Classroom Enrichment

LIBRARY HELPER (1 position)

Provides age-appropriate books from a public library on a monthly basis (20/25). Book choices will align with current classroom themes as coordinated with the Teachers. Responsible for returning these books to the public library before the due date. Calgary Public Library Card required. Rotate hallway books every 3 months. Teachers will show you where to select these books.

Scholastic Book Orders (1 position)

Distributes monthly Scholastic Books order forms to all families and manages due dates.
Places orders to Scholastic, receives order shipments, organizes the order, and provides to the Teachers for distribution to the appropriate families.

Fundraiser Coordinator - Family Photos (1 position) 

Coordinates the Family Photo Day Fundraiser. Liaises with Teachers and Executive to confirm photographer and location, advertise photo days, manage Sign Up Genius, collect sitting fees, and coordinate with the Photographer for Photo Day.

Fundraiser Coordinator - Safeway Gift Cards (1 position)

Coordinates the Safeway Gift Card Fundraiser. This fundraiser runs in the Fall and distributes gift cards in early December. Coordinate with Safeway advertise fundraiser, collect orders and payment, and distribute gift cards.

Fundraiser Coordinator - Flowers (1 position)

Coordinates the Flower Fundraiser in the Spring. Liaises with the greenhouse regarding options and costs, advertise fundraiser, manage Sign Up Genius, collect orders and payment, coordinate orders and delivery with the greenhouse. Distribute orders.

Fundraiser Helper (1 position)

The Helper will help with all fundraisers as required. This will include helping with advertising the fundraiser, helping set up, helping hand out orders, etc.

Cleaning Committee

Laundry (1 position)

Teachers will provide laundry to be completed at home (towels, rags, paint shirts, etc.). Fold and return clean laundry to the classroom. Laundry schedule will be coordinated amongst yourselves and with the Teachers.

Toy Cleaning (5 positions)

In class or at home, cleans toys as directed by the Teachers. Toys are cleaned at the end of each week. Each helper will be responsible for cleaning toys for a 2 month period.

Repair/Handy Person (1 position)

As directed by the Teachers; performs minor repairs on books and toys as well as completes painting and classroom maintenance as needed. May be required to start prior to classes resuming in the Fall. Repairs to be done during the weekday outside of class time and you must be off the premises by 6:15pm as per CBE leasing agreement.

Social Events Committee

Social Event Leaders (2 positions)

There is 1 Family Social in February. You will plan, communicate and host the social. Liaise
with Teachers and Executive for dates, budget, and general details. Liaise with Social Event Helpers and In-Class Party & Photo Coordinators to carry out details of the event. You will also manage RSVPs through Sign Up Genius.

Social Event Helpers (2 positions)

Assists the Leaders with carrying out the Event. This could include but not limited to; determining theme, hiring entertainment, providing set up and clean up, purchasing food, drink, crafts, etc.

In Class Party & Photos (3 positions, 1 per class)

Supports Teachers during in-class party coordination throughout the year (Halloween,
Christmas, etc.) includes party set up and clean-up. May also be asked to take photos at the Family Social. Takes party photos and develops/ stores them for end of year scrapbooks.

Baker (2 positions)

Bake/prepare special snacks for special classroom events as directed by the Teachers (2-4 x year). A calendar of classroom events will be provided at the beginning of the year and the 2 Bakers can work out who will do which event. Recipes for large numbers will be provided if you choose to use them.

Teacher Support Committee

Craft preparation (2 positions)

Assists Teacher by preparing craft materials for the class at home. Teachers provide instructions, raw materials, and due date.

Purchasing (1 position)

Checks with the Teachers for a list of items needed on a monthly basis (must liaise with the
Treasurer and keep receipts for reimbursement). This position begins in August to ensure Teachers have supplies needed to start the year. Costco membership required. Items to be purchased at Costco and/or Dollar Store.

Play Dough Preparation (5 positions)

Makes Play Dough for the class. Playdough is made and dropped off at the beginning of each week. Each helper will be responsible for making a batch of play dough each week for a 2 month period. Recipe will be provided.