Our Playschool is a non-profit, parent-run cooperative affiliated with the HHBH Community Association. We believe the classroom should be happy, stimulating and playful; encouraging each child to maintain a healthy, natural desire to cooperate and learn. Overall, our program is rooted in kindness — we are kind to ourselves, kind to each other and kind to our classroom. 


“Play is the highest form of research." 

— albert einstein


Our Goals


Play-based development

To provide a play-based, environment which encourages each child to develop socially, physically, emotionally, intellectually, morally and creatively.


Nuture respect

To nurture self-respect, self-control, self-expression and responsibility for ourself, for others and for our environment.


inspire Love of learning

To inspire a love of learning by developing Pre-K skills through play, music, movement, drama and storytelling in a relaxed, playful setting.


“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning but for children play is serious learning. Play is the work of childhood." 

— Mr. Rogers


Our Day

  • Greeting - Child helper of the day assists teacher in welcoming classmates upon arrival.
  • Free play - Blocks, puzzles, books, science, drama, listening/audio, water & sand tables, playdough, painting and crafts.
  • Tidy-up - Children are encouraged to participate.
  • Gym  - Class has use of school gymnasium on a regular basis.
  • Snack - Parent helper for the day provides a healthy snack for all children.
  • Circle time  - Children listen, share and participate in songs, finger plays, felt stories, books and games. Child helper takes a turn at show & tell.
  • Program enrichment - Classroom visitors (firefighter, librarian), music, science activities, etc.

Want to know more about our program? Check out our Special Helper Infographic, check our FAQ's page or feel free to get in touch.