The cooperative nature of our Playschool requires the participation of a parent helper approximately once every 4-6 weeks (nannies, grandparents, etc. are also welcome as helpers). This is a special opportunity for parents and caregivers to observe and interact with their children in the Playschool environment.

On your child's special helper day, your child has a chance to welcome everyone into the class, present a show-and-tell, and help out with the daily routine.

Outside of the classroom, each family is responsible for one volunteer role per enrolled child. Each role contributes significantly to our Playschool, and range from Executive Board positions to baking for class parties.

All in-class volunteers are subject to a Police Security Clearance.  Police Security clearances are done online for those living within the city of Calgary. To avoid delays in September, it is important to have a police check completed prior to the beginning of the school year. Please email our privacy officer as soon as your registration is complete. Our privacy officer can be reached at to begin this process, or to answer any questions you may have.


Special Helpers

We appreciate the time caregivers devote to being a participant in their child’s Playschool experience. Our hope is that parents will enjoy their time interacting with their child and their classmates.

We believe parents can learn many things about their child, and child development, through participation.